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the people, the ideas, the action in the fight for global justice

With over 30 years of publishing under its belt, and more than 60,000 subscribers worldwide, the New Internationalist is renowned for its radical, campaigning stance on a range of world issues, from the cynical marketing of babymilk in the Majority World to human rights in Burma. (About 1/2).

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About /a communications co-operative 2/2:
… Independent: Publications from the New Internationalist are produced by an independent trust working as a not-for-profit cooperative. Originally the group was sponsored by Oxfam, Christian Aid and the Cadbury and Rowntree Trusts, but since the early 1980s sponsorship has no longer been needed.

This financial independence is something we cherish. It not only allows us to decide what goes into the magazine but it gives us the freedom to say what we think about a subject – from Nuclear Energy to Banks; from Trade Justice to Terrorism. Not-for-profit: Because the New Internationalist operates as a not-for-profit, income from sales of publications and gifts goes into the production of our titles and to spread our aims and ideals, not into a rich media tycoon’s pocket!

Quality: You don’t have to take our word for the quality. Since 1989 the New Internationalist has won the global Independent Press Award for Best International Coverage on eight occasions. You might as well read the best! The New Internationalist Magazine: For our subscribers we produce a monthly print magazine, the New Internationalist. It sets out to explain and inform, giving readers the essentials of a subject in a concise, easy-to-read full-colour format with excellent photos and graphics. In each issue New Internationalist editors select a subject of vital interest. It could be Human Rights, Hunger, Fair Trade or Globalization. The magazine takes the subject apart, examines the issues and then reconstructs it to give you a coherent picture. You come away with a clear grasp of an important topic.

People like you make all the difference: We also believe that people like you make all the difference, so we offer suggestions for action you can take in the fight for global justice.

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