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(in many European languages)

  • The Autonomous Language Learning (ALL) project, funded by the European Union, is building Blended Learning language courses in four European languages (Turkish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian.
  • These courses are designed for students who have had an initial introduction in one of the languages and who wish to progress from a basic survival level to a higher competency (A2 of the Common European Framework) The project results are for Language schools and Colleges. more
  • The partners in this project are experts in language education and technology in education, from across Europe … (full text Homepage).

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About: Overview:  The project has been conceived and funded as part of the European Union Socrates Lingua programme that concerns motivating the learning of all European languages, and the less widely used languages in particular. With a vision to promote plurilingualism and appreciation of the diversity of languages in the European Union and beyond.  


The Mission of the project is to create a blended learning system, online and offline, with materials for learning and teaching in five languages (Turkish, Romanian, Bulgarian and Lithuanian) and a procedural methodology, which can be transferred to the learning and teaching of other languages, as well.


  • The project is for adult learners who have had an initial introduction in one of the languages (Turkish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian) and who want to progress from a survival level to a greater competency (A2 Common European Framework). Diaspora, businessmen, expats, tourists, as well as people who are interested in languages, are all part of the targeted sector.
  • The courses will concentrate on helping students become autonomous learners by providing practice and experience in autonomy, during the course.
  • Weekly offline classes are included with the course tutor. These will introduce new topical issues connected to linguistic structures, clarify online issues brought up in the previous week and reflect on the process of learning.
  • The final courses will be available through languages schools and colleges across Europe. A listing of courses will be available on this website later.

Additional Information: … (full text).

Link: Blended learning on wikipedia.

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