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Making life better for people by inspiring solutions to environmental problems
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We are the world’s largest grassroots environmental network and we campaign on today’s most urgent environmental and social issues. We challenge the current model of economic and corporate globalization, and promote solutions that will help to create environmentally sustainable and socially just societies. We draw enormous strength and knowledge from our work with communities and local people to carry out international campaigns … (about our work 1/2).

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About our work 2/2: … We’re working as a global network on the most urgent environmental and social issues of our time. We draw enormous strength and knowledge from our work with communities and local people to formulate international programs that create sustainable and socially just societies. 

Through our program on Climate Justice and Energy, we fight for justice for the communities affected by climate change and promote energy sovereignty, the right of communities to choose their own sustainable energy sources. We also advocate a strong agreement within the framework of the UN negotiations, a just agreement on climate finance and an end to deforestation, one of the biggest causes of climate change.

Our Food Sovereignty Program aims to halt genetically modified organisms and corporate control of our food. We defend the right of people to determine their own food systems.

In our Forest and Biodiversity Program, we campaign against illegal logging and deforestation, and work with communities and local people to uphold their rights to manage their forests. We also expose and oppose the negative impacts of monoculture plantations of crops such as, sugar cane, palm oil and soy, to produce agrofuels.

Our program on Economic Justice – Resisting Neoliberalism challenges the current economic model by exposing and resisting corporate power and the new Global Europe strategy, while identifying and promoting initiatives that generate sustainable livelihoods.

We defend the right to safe and clean water. We work with local communities to end the tragedies surrounding oil and gas extraction and mining. We inspire creative sustainable lifestyle choices by encouraging people to ‘Live More’. And finally, we stimulate gender equality and celebrate cultural diversity.

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