Graduate Council India

non-political, NGO

Graduate Council is a non-political and non-governmental organization of graduate people with professional, social, industrial or academic experience, joining together to promote the social activity that focuses on standards, education, social welfare, anti-corruption, human rights and various policy issues. Its member organizations and individual members in all over India represent a veritable who’s who of the Graduate community. (Homepage).


Reach us at The Internet E-Business Club, 33, Kasia Road, Shri Ram Tower, Betiahata Chowk, Gorakhpur (U.P.), India;

About: Aims and Objecive:

1. The aim of our organization is to unite all the graduates and to bring them on a single platform as a ‘Coherent Force’.

2. It will build graduates’ skill to support the implementation of their actions for social change and to advocate for graduates’ right. 

3. Council will persuade the government to make policies keeping in mind the interest of graduates.

4. Through its structure and members council organizes, Participates and Supports local, state and national campaigns and advocates initiatives to create public awareness and to put pressure to government and other political bodies to promote the graduates welfare programmes.

5. As a catalyst to national civil society, our council promotes aspirations, new ideas and policy action designed to transform development priorities towards a society which is graduate people centered, sustainable, democratic, just and inclusive.

6. Purpose of council is to advance and define the theory of coherent practice of sustainable human development & to undertake comprehensive graduates development initiatives.

… (full text 7. to 16.).

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