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The Ecologic Institute is a private not-for-profit think tank for applied environmental research, policy analysis and consultancy with offices in Berlin, Brussels, Vienna, and Washington DC. An independent, non-partisan body, the Ecologic Institute is dedicated to bringing fresh ideas to environmental policies and sustainable development. The Ecologic Institute’s work programme focuses on obtaining practical results. It covers the entire spectrum of environmental issues, including the integration of environmental concerns into other policy fields. Founded in 1995, the Ecologic Institute is a partner in the network of Institutes for European Environmental Policy. The Ecologic Institute acts in the public interest; donations are tax-deductible. (full text Homepage).

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  • The Ecologic Institute undertakes applied research. It is mainly project-funded and carries out projects in environmental policy and other policy fields, the outcomes of which are e.g. reports, comparative studies, policy evaluations, literature studies, meta-studies or discussion and background papers. The Ecologic Institute conducts interviews and utilises questionnaires in order to reflect current developments. The Ecologic Institute prepares scientific information for the political decision-making process in order to develop goal oriented concepts for environmental policy.
  • The Ecologic Institute provides policy consultancy, and animates and facilitates international policy processes in order to develop new approaches at interfaces between different policy fields, and also between different policy communities. This includes the creation and the fostering of international policy networks. Through its involvement in negotiating and concluding multilateral environmental agreements, the Ecologic Institute focuses on cross-cutting issues of regime design, compliance by signatories, and the application of general principles in international law. A significant part of its work focuses also on analyzing and furthering the development of the environmental policy of the European Union and its Member States. Ecologic advances innovation in European environmental governance and advocates greening the treaties constituting the European Union.
  • The Ecologic Institute produces numerous publications of reports and studies, among others in the Ecologic Briefs and in its book series “International and European Environmental Studies”. Current developments at the Ecologic Institute are addressed in the monthly Ecologic Newsletter. The various lectures given by Ecologic’s staff and the events organized by Ecologic’s Conference Team also contribute to the distribution of the projects’ scientific results. Ecologic regularly hosts Dinner Dialogues. This event series brings international environmental experts to Berlin for an informal debate with opinion leaders and decision-makers.


  • Ecologic’s work covers the entire spectrum of environmental issues, including the integration of environmental concerns into other policy fields. Among its areas of expertise are: Soil, Land Use, Agriculture, Bioenergy, Biodiversity, Nature Conservation, Sustainability, Development, Foreign Policy, Security Policy, Governance, Democracy, Policy Assessment, Mainstreaming, EU Environment, Global Environment, Climate, Energy, Forest, Water, Marine Policy, Trade, Investment, Transport, Tourism, Waste, Consumer Policy, Business and Industry. Ecologic’s special strength lies in its interdisciplinary approach to cross-cutting issues within different policy fields, such as tradeable environmental rights, capacity building, global governance, implementation of political concepts or the financing of environmental protection.

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