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US: Republicans Cut and Run from Iraq and Bush, Analysis by Jim Lobe, WASHINGTON – Although he dislikes foreign travel and formal summits, Bush must be relieved to be spending this week as an honoured guest in several Asian capitals. According to the stereotype, Asians are unfailingly polite.

Iraq Oil Connection Leaves Greasy Marks, Julio Godoy, PARIS – Questions continue to hover above 180 French firms said to have profited illegally from the oil for food programme in Iraq.

Independent news on efforts to build an equitable Information Society: IPS gives you a front-row seat with its special TerraViva edition in English, French, Spanish and Arabic on globalisation and development in the digital age.

UN Summit to Serve the People?

U.S. to Stay in Charge of Internet



Civil Society Finds Poor Welcome in Tunis

A Little Could Go a Long Way

US Congress Sends Mixed Signals on Detainee Rights, William Fisher, NEW YORK – As President Bush’s poll numbers plummet, questions about how his administration “sold” the invasion of Iraq to the public and its treatment of prisoners seized in the “war on terror” continue to dog the beleaguered leader, stalling his second-term agenda.

U.N. Food Expert Condemns U.S. Tactics in Iraq, by Eulàlia Iglesias – UNITED NATIONS – Jean Ziegler, the U.N.’s Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, made waves last month when he accused U.S. and British forces of using food and water as weapons of war in besieged cities in Iraq.

Controversial WMD Reporter and NY Times Divorce, Analysis by Jim Lobe – WASHINGTON – Was she an innocent dupe who was played mercilessly by exile chieftain Ahmed Chalabi and his neo-conservative and Pentagon backers who led the march to war with Iraq in March 2003?

Viet Cong Advice for Iraqi Resistance, Aaron Glantz – HANOI – Is Iraq another Vietnam? Tran Dac Loi should know. The Secretary-General of the Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation grew up in Hanoi dodging bombs dropped by the United States Air Force, while his father fought in the successful guerilla war in the country’s central highlands.

HUMAN RIGHTS-US: Exporting Torture, Tito Drago, MADRID – The U.S. government prohibits torture on its own soil, but operates secret prisons in various parts of the world where human rights are regularly violated, maintained political analyst Roberto Montoya and rights activist Miguel Ángel Calderón in interviews with IPS.

FRANCE: What Immigrants Brought With Them, Julio Godoy, PARIS – The contribution of immigrants to France is immeasurable, and cannot in any case be counted simply in economic terms, experts and artists of Maghrib origin say.
WOMEN-TURKEY: A Few At the Pinnacle, Many Battered, Hilmi Toros, ISTANBUL – In a rare and risky decision, a 34-year-old Turkish woman appeared on a national television show and openly announced she had been subjected to child abuse and later forced into a marriage arranged by the family.

Breaking Records to Break Records, Meena S. Janardhan, DUBAI – The tallest hotel, the largest excavated dry docks, the biggest bowl of spaghetti, the largest stained glass mural — the list is endless for the number of Guinness records that the United Arab Emirates holds.

AFGHANISTAN: The Next Quagmire?, Paul Weinberg, TORONTO – Canada and its allies in NATO could soon find themselves smack dab in the middle of a Colombian-style drug war in Afghanistan, warns a prominent drug control expert.

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The Harsh Education of an Iraqi Feminist, Eulàlia Iglesiasm, UNITED NATIONS – Zainab Salbi was 11 years old when her father was handpicked to serve as Saddam Hussein’s personal pilot, regularly ferrying the former Iraqi president from Baghdad to his hometown of Tikrit.

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