Amazon Alliance

supporting the cultural and ecological vitality of Amazonia – also in espanol and portugues

The Amazon Alliance supports the ecological and cultural vitality of Amazonia by ensuring that representative organizations of the region’s indigenous peoples have voice and power in all processes affecting their lands and communities. (english Homepage /Mission).

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About: Founded in 1990, the Amazon Alliance is a unique vehicle for confronting environmental and cultural degradation in Amazonia.

As a network of more than one hundred member organizations, the Alliance achieves the shared goals of member organizations by facilitating collaborative work. The Amazon Alliance brings together the leaders of the Amazonian indigenous and environmental movements to work as equal partners in effectively addressing the challenges facing the region. The Alliance is governed by a Steering Council of prominent indigenous organizations and NGOs, who determine the Alliance’s priorities and strategies. In addition to providing members with information and technical assistance, the Alliance also ensures that indigenous perspectives are heard by decision-making bodies around the world, including governments and multilateral institutions. No other entity coordinates so many diverse stakeholders who have the ability to shape a better future for Amazonia and the world.

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