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You may be wondering who’s behind this Web site and what our motivation is. Well, this Web site and the Above the Influence ads http://www.abovetheinfluence.com/the-ads/default.aspx#
you see on TV and in magazines are created for the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign (a program of the Office of National Drug Control Policy). This campaign reflects what teens across the country have told us is going on in their lives … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: … Our goal is to help you stay above the influence. The more aware you are of the influences around you, the better prepared you will be to stand up to the pressures that keep you down. We’re not telling you how to live your life, but are giving you another perspective and the latest facts. You need to make your own smart decisions.  

You might even consider this Web site an influence. We know that you’re very smart when it comes to the messages you see and hear. That’s great and you should question us, too. One way to do that is to review our sources. The numbers at the end of many of the facts are footnotes. You can click on them to find out where we got the information.

We hope that this site helps you to be more aware of the influences around you, and that you carefully consider the risks when you’re faced with tough decisions.

So you may be asking how can I get involved? http://www.abovetheinfluence.com/downloads/default.aspx#
Tell Us http://www.abovetheinfluence.com/contact.aspx
what you think and if you have more ideas for this site.

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