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Linked with the International Association of Educators for World Peace IAEWP.

Homeplanet Alliance was established in 1992 by Mitchell Gold, IAEWP UN. Plenipotentiary Envoy & National Chancellor of Canada, as a Canadian not-for-profit company with a mandate to implement The One Percent Solution (TOPS) program and other for-profit programs that can be taught to entrepreneurs. (Homepage).

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Address: Homeplanet Alliance, Mr. Mitchell L. Gold, 2 Bloor Street West, Suite 100-209, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3E2, Canada;

About Homeplanet Alliance: Homeplanet Alliance is a Non-Profit Corporation registered in Ontario Canada that is directly affiliated with the International Association of Educators for World Peace (“IAEWP”), which is a Non-Profit corporation with 501 (3) (c) IRS status in the United States, founded April 30, 1969 in Alabama (certificate #46277).

We believe that “humankind will make peace when peace makes money” and our mission is to build infrastructure that will permit meaningful profit-making ventures to be built by entrepreneurs and governments of the Lesser Developed Countries (“LDC”) of the world.

Our primary vehicle to facilitate LDC sustainable development programmes is The One (1) % Solution initiative (“TOPS”). Within that initiative, we are presently organising a Homeplanet Brand Licensing Program and a Homeplanet Financial Services Program. There is also a World Music Event in program development. Each of these initiatives are not-for-profit projects we shall implement that will show leadership to entrepreneurs, governments and Non Governmental Organisations (“NGO”) in the LDC’s.

Our philosophy is not based in politics or religion in any sense. In every sense, our projects are not-for-profit business programmes. All funds raised and disbursed will be audited by KPMG and a copy of the independent auditor’s report will be routinely posted on this web site in summary and made available to patrons in detail.

Our philosophy is built upon holistic models of thinking that have been developed from ancient wisdom and are consistent with the leading drivers of societal change. Beginning with our visioning process and our educational thinking filters, all business activities are developed around many sacred organising principles, the most important of which is our search for and adoption of programmes of excellence.

Our Culture of Peace activities have been widely recognised by the United Nations, which In 1987, the UN Secretary-General, Javier Perez de Cuellar, designated IAEWP as a PEACE MESSENGER of the world on behalf of the UN General Assembly. This prestigious designation was made in recognition of significant contributions we made to the programme and objectives of the 1986 International Year of Peace.

We need your help with organising and funding our initiatives. Presently we are seeking tens of millions of dollars, based on sound business and investment principles, and we are counting on your patronage, no matter how small you may think it to be. Your funds/resources would be used for specific projects, if you wish, or for general funding support of our Culture of Peace initiative, which will assist in building out the infrastructure needed for our implementation strategy.
Thank you kindly.

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