Citizens Alliance

UK politics of first decade of the 21st century has been dominated by Meaningless Spin. So the General Population who just wants a relaxed life has been simply Turned off politics. This suits those in Power and those abusing Power Fine. Therefore the Citizens Alliance wishes to build a new ideology … (Introuction).

Why formed; Editorials; Press; Newsflashes;Corruption index;
Manifesto: local, national; Whistle blowers; Crown rights; Why join;
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What We Can Uniquely Bring to the Table: The first thing if you voted in a NEW party with the ideals of the CA. People the world over will not be saying where is Keighley. This is worth Millions in regeneration on its own. Unless Bradford gets the Money and uses it on another Grandious project.  

The only thing Keighley is known for at present is a top CHAV Town. The BNP and Violence (Month of June 2007 One murder 3 people Stabbed). We will make C.A Towns More Attractive to the BEST Companies,Those companies who give quality working conditions and the Security of employment Necessary. To build a Stable happy home for you and your Children.

… (full text).

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