Communication for Development and Learning

We are a Bangalore-based voluntary organization set up in 1997 to strengthen the use of communication as an integral part of the development process … (about 1/2).

Core Areas; Services; Issue based journalism; Comics; Publications; Documentation; Team;
Address: 11/A, 7th Cross, 17th Main, Koramangala 6th Block, Bangalore 560095, India;
Contact: Phone +91 80 2550 3481, Fax +91 80 2552 4192, e-mail.

About 2/2: … Why communication for development? – Imagine a world that does not communicate. Imagine a world where people do not have a voice. Imagine a world without spaces for exchange of ideas, sharing of learning, and without platforms for protest. Or imagine a world that does not have alternatives to the written word to communicate.  

Such a world would be a static, silent, passive and unresponsive one. In an uncommunicative world, the marginalized and the weak would continue to be oppressed, and their voiceless would remain unheard forever. Cross-learning would not happen, experiences would not be shared, the world would not be one.

Development is about bringing change into the lives of people. While ground level interventions are at the core of development, it is effective communication that can make the difference between mere change and one that is sustainable through behaviour change.

Our response to the need for development communication:

CDL provides the vital link between development processes, and the process of dissemination and sharing knowledge. Placed at the fulcrum of the process of exchange and dialogue, CDL presents a unique three-way communication model. It uses a variety of media to engage with the community, even while learning from them, before communicating with wider audiences.

Our Mission:

  • Innovate and mainstream communication approaches
  • To integrate communication more effectively into the development process.
  • Create public awareness on development issues
  • Adapt new technologies for development learning

Our work is guided by an eminent Board of Trustees who are well-known ‘gurus’ in the field of communication and development … (full text).

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