Rural Development Institute RDI

securing land rights for the world’s poorest

  • MISSION – What we do: RDI works to secure land rights for the world’s poorest people—those 3.4 billion chiefly rural people who live on less than two dollars a day.  RDI partners with developing countries to design and implement laws, policies, and programs concerning land that provide opportunity, further economic growth, and promote social justice.
  • VISION – Why we do this: We envision a world free of poverty.  We see a future in which all who depend on land for their well-being have secure land rights—one of the most basic, powerful resources for lifting oneself and one’s family out of poverty.
  • VALUES: … (full text).

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Addresses: RDI, 1411 4th Avenue, Suite 910, Seattle, Washington 98101, USA;
RDI, #1820, 6th Cross Judicial Layout Bangalore – 560065 Karnataka, India;

About: RDI is a nonprofit organization of attorneys helping the rural poor in developing countries obtain legal rights to land. RDI attorneys are experts in land law and policy who work with governments of developing countries, foreign aid agencies, and other partners to reform land law and consult on land policy. 

RDI uses extensive farm-level field research, coupled with comparative research from around the world, to help design and then implement legal and policy measures that support peaceful, democratic approaches to land reform.

Founded by Roy Prosterman—professor of law at the University of Washington and world expert on land reform—RDI has carried out this work in 40 countries throughout the world. Over 40 years of practice, this work has helped provide land ownership or owner-like rights to millions of the world’s poorest people. View RDI’s accomplishments.

Today, with a home office in Seattle, USA, RDI has a staff of nine attorneys, with a total staff of 23, and field offices in Beijing, China; Bangalore, India; and Jakarta, Indonesia. With support from donors such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and consultancies for clients such as the World Bank and USAID, RDI is typically active in seven to ten countries.

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