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GODS OWN CHILDREN is a secular, non governmental , non profit organisation which was established to assist Disadvantaged Children in the Jaffna Peninsula. GODS OWN CHILDREN FOUNDATION is a non political entity , and provides equal opportunity and access to education to all Disadvantaged Children who seek our services , and does not discriminate on the basis of Religion , Caste , Creed , Gender or any other factor.
Gods Own Children operates non-fee levying special needs schools in the Jaffna Peninsula in Sri Lanka.
The special needs schools accomodate the following types of disadvantaged children: … (full long text english Welcome Page).

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About: Gods own Children Foundation was formed by a group of dedicated special education professionals who are committed to the welfare of special needs children of the Jaffna Peninsula.  

The GOC foundation operates non fee levying special needs day schools which care for, and teach intellectually & Physically challenged children in the Jaffna Peninsula – currently we operate schools in Ariyalai , Point-Pedro and Siththankerny.

Special Needs is a term to describe a child who has physical or intellectual disabilities or is at risk for developing such disabilities and who require special teachings and care services or treatment or a combination of some or all in order to attempt to provide a worthwhile future for the child.

Jaffna cannot and will not forget the horror of the two decade war. The horror and misery created by indiscriminate shooting, shelling and bombing of heavily populated civilian areas in the peninsula have created a generation of children, who have been affected physically and mentally; children’s brain and sensory powers have been retarded and development has been delayed. Many hundreds of children were traumatised. Most of these children, have grown up into adults without ever enjoying the wonderful lifespan of childhood.

Children born during that time are showing intellectually retarted tendencies; Many children are undergoing the dual suffering of being physically maimed as well. Even now, perfectly normal children become traumatised overnight, when they see with their own eyes the gory scene of their parents or close relatives being blown up or injured by a landmine placed during the war.

Mother Nature also has been cruel; The Asian TSunami which hit the coastal belt of the Jaffna peninsula in 2004 has further aggravated the misery of children who have already been affected by war. Hundreds of children have been traumatised by the giganic tidal waves which destroyed everything in its path..

The main objective of the Gods Own Children Foundation is to provide educational and care facilities for the children who have been affected intellectually by the cruel war and Tsunami.

The goal of Gods Own Children is to provide relief to parents of special needs children by taking care of their children’s education and caring for them during usual school hours and in some cases their daily lives. It is a very sad situation, that these children are not included in the mainstream schools.

Gods Own Children also endeavours to care for and teach these special needs children so that, one day they could be useful citizens of society.

The GOC curriculum is aimed at changing the lives of children within the age group 2+ to 16+

Gods Own Children , now operates , Employment Training Centres for Disadvantaged Youth , in order to train such youth in  essential employment oriented skills , so that they could be provided with income earning opportunities ,and subsequently, lead an independant life.

Our Vision:

  • Our Vision is an ambitious one – our school fervently hopes that we could provide all special needs children in the Jaffna peninsula with opportunities to develop their potential in academic, cognitive, communicative and social skills to their fullest.

Our Mission:

  • Our Mission to educate, care for and develop our special children to the fullest potential, so as to enable them to contribute and be integrated into society.

Our History: … (full long text about).

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