Indian Farm Forestry Development Co-operative IFFDC

enhancing the socio-economic status of the people through sustainable natural resource management

  • The organisation has in its journey developed immense expertise and a good team of professionals with a unique wise of experiences. With the objective to share and disseminate the knowledge, the Centre for Capacity Building has been created as a separate cell especially dedicated to organising training programmes and provide consultancy inputs. Conducting Impact assessment studies, Evaluation Studies, Process Documentation and Project Formulation for other organisations are some other areas where IFFDC has been providing consultancy services. The centre is managed by a team of highly qualified professionals from diverse backgrounds such as Management, Forestry, Agriculture and Social Sciences.
  • Major areas being covered for providing training and consultancy services horticulture, livestock are enlisted below – Agricultural technology and Extension services: … (full text Services).

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Address Headquarter: IFFDC, 14-15, FARM BHAWAN, NEHRU PLACE, NEW DELHI -110019, India.

IFFDC/ Homepage /Overview: Indian Farm Forestry Development Co-operative Ltd. promoted by IFFCO was registered on 22nd October 1993 under the Multi-State Co-operative Societies Act, 1984. 

The promoter organisation visualised it to become a model for large-scale adoption in the field of afforestation on wasteland and Rural development by promoting village level Primary Farm Forestry Co-operative Societies (PFFCS) for socio-economic development of the landless, marginal & small farmers, women in particular.

IFFDC is presently working in whole of the Indian Union. More than 26000 ha. of wasteland comprising sodic, ravines, waterlogged and hilly areas have been converted into green forest through 145 village level PFFCS having a membership of 28,500 out of which 38% are landless and 51 % fall under marginal and small category. Special emphasis has been laid on women participation who are 30% of the total membership.

IFFDC membership is open to Indian Farmer Fertilisers Co-operative Ltd. (IFFCO), National Co- operative Development Corporation (NCDC), Primary Farm Forestry Co-operative Societies (PFFCS), State Farm Forestry Co-operative Societies (SFFCS), Govt. of India, and any other co-operative institution or corporate body owned or controlled by the Govt. having an interest in the promotion of the Forestry Activities. As on March 31, 2005, 147 PFFCS Societies and 22 PLDCS Societies are members of IFFDC.


  • Wasteland development for ecological balance and generate additional employment.
  • Development of wasteland and rural community through Integrated Farming Systems approach.
  • People’s involvement including women empowerment through co-operatives/ Self Help Groups (SHGs).
  • To provide Financial, Technical & Extension services to the members of PFFCS, PLDCS and SFFCS.


  • The area of operation is whole of the Indian Union. Presently IFFDC is implementing projects in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal and Andra Pradesh states.


  • Strengthening the cooperative structure by building people’s capacity and organising them into Primary Farm Forestry Co-operative Societies (PFFCS) has been one of the foremost concerns while promoting farm forestry. The PFFCS have been formed at the village level to act as an umbrella body for undertaking the development activities. 22 Primary Livelihood Development Cooperative Societies (PLDCS) are also formed in the WIRF Project area.


  • The target group comprises small, marginal and landless farmers and special emphasis has been laid on women participation. IFFDC extends all kinds of support to these people in reaching the threshold.

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