Mental health, human rights and legislation

Please find here an information on a publication from WHO on June 2005: A press release was issued and a press conference held to launch the WHO Resource Book on Mental Health, Human Rights and Legislation on Monday, 20 June.

The WHO Resource Book provides information on how international human rights standards are relevant to people with mental disorders. It discusses the obligations of countries to use legislation to promote, respect and fulfill the human rights of this uniquely vulnerable population. It also offers practical guidance on what should go into a mental health law and how good mental health law can promote access to care and prevent some of the stigmatization and discrimination that people with mental disorders face all too often. Finally, it provides strategies for developing and adopting mental health law as well as to ensure its effective implementation.

In June, the press conference was well attended and has generated a great deal of media interest throughout the world.

The press release, a factsheet and the Resource Book itself can be found at this website.

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