Wildlife watch … for kids

  • Test your wildlife knowledge with brain teasers from Solar, Buzz & Hedgy and discover just how smart you and your friends are – Are you Solarsavvy, Hedgyhead or Buzzbrain?
  • And if you have your own wildlife questions you would like  answered, check out the Badger Badger page … (full text Fun stuff).

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Address: Watch The Wildlife Trusts, The Kiln Mather Road, Newark NG24 1WT, UK;

About (same URL for Contact, Safety-on-the-Internet, Questions-answered, for-groups-ups, for-Kids): Wildlife Watch is the UK’s leading environmental action club for kids.  

It’s all about YOU – and the natural world around you. There are 108,000 Watch members and hundreds of local groups where young people get stuck into environmental activities. Taking part in Wildlife Watch is an exciting way to explore your surroundings and get closer to the wildlife you share it with.

Join Wildlife Watch and have a really wild time:

  • Become a nature detective
  • Take environmental action
  • Have fun and make new friends
  • Get stuck into local activity
  • Help make a future for wildlife

Wildlife Watch members receive loads of exciting wildlife goodies throughout the year.

Special magazines and posters sent to you at home give you the low down on the UK’s wildlife – with in-depth stories, wildlife news, campaigns, cartoons, competitions and reports from young people all over the country. There are plenty of great pictures and photographs plus ideas and instructions to help you take your own positive action. Members can even email us to help out on the Watchword editorial team.

Across the UK there are hundreds of kids’ Wildlife Watch groups where you can get stuck into nature exploration and discovery, games and practical activities with other young people. We let you know what’s happening near you.

Join Wildlife Watch to take a closer look at wildlife! The subscription varies slightly depending on where you live but should cost no more than £17 for up to four children living at one address.

Wildlife Watch is the junior branch of local Wildlife Trusts across the UK – in some places you can join Watch as part of the Trust family membership.

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