International Civilian Reserve CANADEM

Established in 1997 with startup funding from the Government of Canada, CANADEM is a non-profit NGO whose purpose is to bolster peace, order and good governance efforts worldwide. CANADEM is comprised of four divisions: … (full text Homepage).

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Address: CANADEM, 1 Nicholas Street #1102, Ottawa, ON, CANADA K1N 7B7;

Who we are: Our Values:

CANADEM, with start-up assistance and funding from the Government of Canada, supports Canada’s determination to strengthen the activities of international organizations, working to advance the universal principles of the UN Charter,  international peace & security, human rights and the responsibility to protect. This includes the UN, OSCE, other inter-governmental organizations, and of course non-governmental partners.   

CANADEM believes that individuals are the key elements of international organizations.  Only with the right individuals working together as teams can organizations and missions fully achieve their goals. Identifying those skilled individuals is crucial, and every other nation has a duty to put forward their best.

CANADEM is driven by its core vocation to assist international organizations identify and engage skilled individuals.  This indirectly assists our registrants find their international niche and achieve their fullest potential in the struggle to advance human rights, democracy, rule of law, good governance, and the multitude of other manifestations of international peace and security.

Our Vision:

Remain the world’s pre-eminent open roster of international experts, with Canadian and international partners actively supporting and using the roster as a common resource.

Draw from the world’s diversity to strengthen CANADEM’s reputation as an internationally recognized roster of multi-ethnic and multi-talented experts by recruiting from an expanded number of countries.

Ensure our services increase in quality and value by developing further innovative and cost-effective ways to respond to international demand and promote Canadian expertise.

Strengthen our recognition by international agencies as a model international roster that can be emulated by member states looking to channel their best national experts into those multilateral organizations.
Become a common deployment agency for relevant government departments, NGOs, and international agencies by putting experts into the field in rapid and inexpensive ways.

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