World 5.0

a new frame for progressive thinking

  • World 5.0 has, at its core, the simple ideas that Now is the only time there is, and our options for Now are fear or Love. With that central truth, we believe the transformation to a World 5.0 paradigm must conform to the general principles of Integrity, Justice and Balance.
  • Beyond that, here’s a top ten list of what could be considered “a principled stance.” We really can’t expect any more from our leaders if we don’t demand prinicpled leadership, whether in political or corporate arenas … (Principles).

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About: A New Frame:  Our current, highly dysfunctional world and culture are the result of prejudices and power struggles that have existed for centuries. Especially with the conditions arising from the Industrial Age (World 4), we no longer have the luxury of time to heal our culture and world. 

World 5.0 is a framing concept, where we, the people of Earth, need to migrate to culturally. This to ensure our survival and the optimum quality of life for as many of our human and non-human neighbors as possible.

World 5.0:

World 5.0 takes the popular concept of an operating system and applies it to our world culture. It presumes that we’ve been through four previous cultural “operating systems” – hunter, gatherers (>10,000 BC), farmers and clan-dwellers (10,000 – 2,000 BC), cities dwellers and colonialism (2,000 BC – 1,700 AD) and the Industrial Age (1700 AD – present). It also presumes we can understand and potentially reshape our world culture, or in this case, create a whole new level of organization, understanding and integration. More on this in the overview.

George Lakoff talks about the importance of framing our ideas and words, highlighting a curious phenomenon – facts, or truth, really don’t mean much if they’re not within a frame we understand. The Bush administration is particularly adept (and dishonest) with their frames. “Healthy Forests” “Clear Skies” “No Child Left Behind” “Culture of LIfe” – they sound great, regardless of reality. World 5.0 provides a context for progressive ideas and their honest implementation.

Central to the World 5.0 paradigm are the core values of integrity, truth, compassion, justice, commonality, non-violence, ecology, transparency and balance. This crucial aspect of World 5.0 is discussed further in principles.

Technological Adolescence:

Carl Sagan reminded us that we are in our technological adolescence, the idea being that we’ve got dangerous toys like nuclear bombs and genetic engineering, and not the maturity to use such toys with responsibility.

It could be suggested, taking a step back and looking at the state of the planet, that we’re currently doing a poor job of growing up. The games, deadly as they are, that corporate and government leaders play with us and the resources of this planet, point to a bunch of selfish, spoiled brats. And yet, they are caught in their personal bubbles and the mentality of World 4. Can they be blamed for not seeing through the cultural veil they were conditioned toward? Perhaps not. But they can be blamed for the havoc they have wrought.

The beliefs and lust for power that these people hold to will literally be the death of us, if they are not transformed or removed. Personally, I prefer transformation, as it is far more elegant. But history has taught us that such things are not always possible. Still, the change will come. The only questions surround the time it takes to flip, how painful the transition will be, and what will be left of our planet and people to work with once it occurs.

The Movement: … (full text about).

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