Natural Resources Database NRDB

NRDB is a free database and mapping application for developing and distributing environmental databases. Its aim is to provide people in developing countries with a powerful yet simple tool to assist in the managing of their own resources … (Homepage).

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Developers: The following provides a list of resources for programmers interested in further developing the NRDB software:    

Source code:

NRDB Pro is a Windows application written in C++ and uses the MFC libraries. The application is released under the GNU General Public Licence. The following provides instructions for rebuilding the source code.

The source code for the latest releases of NRDB Pro can be downloaded from the project download pages. You will need to download the sourcecode for nrdbpro.exe and nrdbapi.dll.

The very latest version of the source code is available from the CVS repository (browse…). You can access this code through Windows explorer using the TortoiseCVS application. The CVSROOT is:

… // …


The status of the development towards the next release of NRDB Pro can be viewed on the Development tracker.


NRDB Pro consists of a main executable, nrdbpro.exe, which includes the user interface, and a library, nrdbapi.dll, which contains functions for accessing the database. The following documentation describe the class structure and functions for these two modules.

NRDB API technical notes: … (full text).

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