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  • Welcome! This is a FREE Primary School resource because it is supported by the HSBC and CSEF. Registration (free) allows you to submit School projects – £100/€100 paid for the first published project (£50/€50 for subsequent projects), and submit entries for the Art Gallery (termly prizes) as well as building up a very valuable resource for all schools to share.
  • We hope that this site will help children to learn to respect themselves, to respect other’s values and beliefs, to repect the environment and to respect the laws of the land in which they live.
  • If you find the site useful, we only ask that you share your best practice with us. Liam McGurrin. (Homepage).

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Address: Time for Citizenship.org, 20, Lansdowne Road, Newbold, Chesterfield, S41 8PL, UK;

About: At its simplest, this site operates on three levels:  

  • Children exchange ideas through a scrolling notepad (school forum). They are also given the opportunity to display artwork and ideas of citizenship
  • Teachers are able to download Citizenship lessons from the site and obtain information from colleagues regarding Citizenship education
  • Police Liaison Officers are able to select lessons which will assist them in their work in schools

All lessons are selected as good examples of good practice and have been ‘field tested’ in schools by teachers, police officers and children.

Every primary school in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland is being invited to join in this project to share good practice and to contribute to the site. A panel of representatives from the core group of schools will be sifting through the submissions to share the best with other registered users.

This site is much more than children, police, teachers and the NSPCC working with the Internet and the WWW. It is about action in the community and that really is at the heart of the project. It is hoped that children will learn to become more involved in activities which will allow them to grow into more caring citizens.

The purpose of this website:

  • To provide a site for Primary Schools as they develop a Citizenship Curriculum
  • To create a platform for lesson plans, project ideas, and an opportunity for children’s work to be displayed
  • To stimulate discussion in the classroom and to lead to action in the community
  • To create children who realise they have a part to play in their community and want to become involved

The Schools that have given their support and input include: … (full text).

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