The Berne Declaration BD

en: Berne Declaration BD; fr: Déclaration de Berne; de: Erklärung von Bern; it: Dichiarazione di Berna; es: La Declaración de Berna.

  • Who is the Berne Declaration? We are a Swiss non-governmental organization with more than 20,000 members. We promote more equitable, sustainable and democratic North-South relations since 1968. Our methods to reach our goals are research, public awareness raising and advocacy work.
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Address: Berne Declaration, P.O. Box, CH-8026 Zurich, Switzerland;
or: Déclaration de Berne, Rue de Genève 52, 1004 Lausanne;

About the BD: The Berne Declaration – the Swiss NGO working towards equitable North-South relations. 

The Berne Declaration is a Swiss non-governmental organization with 20′000 members. Through research, public eduaction and advocacy work, it has promoted more equitable, sustainable and democratic North-South relations since 1968.

The Berne Declaration monitors the role of Swiss corporations, banks, and government agencies. It addresses the problems of unequal international trade and financial relations, unsustainable consumption patterns and cultural prejudices. It calls on all Swiss actors – the private sector and the state, citizens and consumers – to assume their responsibilities in resolving these problems.

The Berne Declaration is completely independent, and derives most of its revenues from individual membership fees and donations. It has a staff of 16 and two secretariats in Zurich and Lausanne for the German and French speaking regions. It also entertains a small branch in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. The BD is an active member of many international NGO networks. It is your contact or partner organization in Switzerland.

‘In today’s era of globalization, the elites, the governments and banks are building new alliances. In the same way, we must forge alliances amongst ourselves – between India and Switzerland, between you and me. The alliance between the Berne Declaration and the Save the Narmada Movement is a model of this new cooperation’. (Arundhati Roy, writer, 15 November 1999 in Zurich/Switzerland)..

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