Giving Nation Teachers, UK

  • Giving Nation is an active citizenship project of education charity The Citizenship Foundation.
  • Giving Nation supports and promotes secondary schools learning about and involvement in charity and community action.
  • Giving Nation offers free educational materials including the Giving Nation Pack, the Giving Nation Challenge and runs the Giving Nation Awards recognising charity and community activity in UK secondary schools.
  • The Giving Nation free educational materials, grant-based Giving Nation Challenge and the Giving Nation awards aim to meet  Citizenship curriculum targets whilst developing the school‘s activities around giving to others … (about 1/2).

Pupil site; Research; Challenge; Resource cards; Awards; Links; Downloads;
Address: Giving Nation, The Citizenship Foundation, 63 Gee Street, London, EC1V 3RS, UK;
Contact. Tel:  020 7566 4141, Fax: 020 7566 4131, e-mail.

About 2/2: … Giving Nation has been designed with a commitment to minimising effort by teachers whilst keeping a high impact on the lives of students. We are providing ready-to-use resources and templates for both teachers and pupils, facilitating everything from sponsorship forms to self-appraisal by pupils as they review their activities for charity and others over the year when recording charity and community action in their school through the Giving Nation Awards and Giving Nation Challenge.  

Giving Nation has been designed to provide support to UK secondary school students wanting to find out how to support the work of charties,  and promote their invovlement in campaigning, fundraising,  volunteering, international school linking, social enterprise and mentoring.

All materials are produced in our ‘G-Nation‘ style, bringing a unifying and acceptable appeal to activities within the school and between schools.

Giving Nation has been supported by a unique piece of research into students‘ knowledge, attitudes and behaviours in regard to charities and giving, and also into teachers‘ views of Giving Nation. It is also supported by an exciting website for young people. A place where they can find out about the work of chairities, read inspirational stories and have all their questions answered about charity and community activity. The website also leads them on to action if that‘s what they‘re ready for, with links to hundreds of places to participate in communities and for national organisations.

This website will also become your port of call for tricks and tools to make your own school programme come alive.

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