Centre of Indian Trade Unions CITU

The Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) is one of the major Central Trade Unions (CTU) in India. The CITU is progressive trade union centre, opposed to imperialist globalisation, championing the cause of working class and defending economic sovereignty of the country … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: … The CITU Conference takes place once in three years. This is the 11th Conference of CITU. From the 7th conference held in the year 1991, the membership strength of CITU during the period between the two conferences has been going up on an average by 0.5 million.  

The present conference of CITU is held based on the membership strength of about 3.4 million and with around 4,000 trade unions affiliated to it, functioning in different industries and service sectors. Besides, there are a number of trade unions in the country particularly in Insurance, Banking and the central and provincial government services, which are not formally affiliated with CTUs but represent thousands of workers. Many such unaffiliated trade unions are having close organisational relations with the CITU and can also be reckoned for counting the overall strength and influence of CITU.

The CITU represents workers in every field of trade activities including the workers in industrial and service sectors like Coal, Electricity, Steel, Heavy Engineering, Construction, Electronics, Oil & Natural Gas – production and refining, Petrochemicals, Fertilisers, Pharmaceuticals, Rail, Road, Air & Water Transport, Port & Docks, Telecommunications, Textile, Financial & other service sectors, Plantation, etc. Apart from the organised sector, the CITU has got pioneering role in organising the unorganised and informal sector workers, which dominate the numerical strength of the work force in India.

Yet another important segment of the trade union movement in the country is the working women. Organising the working women is a priority agenda of CITU. The All India Coordination Committee of Working Women (CITU) had been functioning for over two decades, focusing its attention on mobilising the women workers and promoting women cadres to leadership position in the trade unions.

The CITU has fraternal links with the trade union centres in several countries and frequent exchange of views/communications, mutual visits by delegations are regularly taking place. The CITU has been participating in seminars, workshops and other meets organised by different agencies at national and international levels on various issues, especially pertaining to the working class and trade union movement.

The CITU is bringing out its official monthly organ `The Working Class’ (in English) which is in its 34th year of publication, and “CITU Mazdoor” (in Hindi), in its 24th year of publication. The CITU has published a large number of books and pamphlets, both in English and Hindi, covering various subjects of interest to the working class … (full long text).

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