Facing History and Ourselves

helping classrooms and communities worldwide link the past to moral choices today

Linked with Online Workshop-The Reckoning: The Battle for the International Criminal Court.

Since it was founded in 1976, Facing History and Ourselves has grown from a single office in Brookline, Massachusetts, to an international organization with over 160 staff members in Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, London, Los Angeles, Memphis, New England, New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Toronto, and we work with educators across the United States by special arrangement. We have educational partnerships in a growing number of countries, including Northern Ireland, Israel, Rwanda, and South Africa. Facing History engages more than 1.8 million students annually through its network of 26,000 educators around the world and reaches the public and the broader educational market through community events and extensive online resources. (Where we work).

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Who we are:

  • Facing History and Ourselves delivers classroom strategies, resources and lessons that inspire young people to take responsibility for their world. Internationally recognized for our quality and effectiveness, Facing History harnesses the power of the Internet and partners with school systems, universities and ministries of education worldwide.
  • Each year we reach more than 1.8 million students through our global network of more than 26,000 educators, staff, adjunct faculty and international fellows facilitate hundreds of seminars and workshops annually, and we reach the public through community events and extensive online resources. In 2008, the Facing History and Ourselves website received more than 667,000 visits from people in 215 countries … (full text who we are).

what we do:

  • Our work over the past 30 years demonstrates that effective teaching can cultivate the sense of civic responsibility needed to protect human dignity and prevent violations of human rights. The flow of people, ideas, capital, and images across borders opens new possibilities for tolerance and also new risks of misunderstanding.
  • Facing History, informed by leading thinkers from the fields of philosophy, religion, and education, is a leader in educating for tolerance and understanding. Facing History highlights education, often overlooked, as a crucial tool for strengthening civil societies … (full text what we do).

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