Mandat International – Welcome Desk

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  • To welcome delegates and facilitate their stay in Geneva;
  • To facilitate contacts with other organisations;
  • To facilitate sharing of and access to information;
  • To direct requests to the competent persons … (about 1/2).

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News; Calendar and Agendas; Volunteering; Links; FAQs;
Address: Mandat International, 31 chemin William Rappard, 1293 Bellevue, Switzerland;
For reservations and inquiries contact e-mail; Contact.

About 2/2: The NGO Welcome Desk welcomes non governmental delegates and provides information services to facilitate their work with the UN Human Rights Council. 

The Welcome Desk is managed by Mandat International in coordination with other NGOs, as well as with the Office of the Human Rights Council and the United Nations Office at Geneva. It is supported by the Swiss Foreign Affairs Department.

Information for delegates attending international conferences:

  • The Welcome Centre for Non-Governmental Organisations and Delegations near the UN in Geneva provides low-cost accommodation (20.- to 30.- CHF) with a work infrastructure (meeting room, Internet access, etc.) and the opportunity to meet other delegates. Priority access is given to non-governmental representatives from developing countries.
  • Information and orientation: … (full text Practical Information for Delegates).

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