Center For Development Support Initiatives EDSI

Promoting Institutional Capacity & Sustainable Development in Rural Communities

CEDSI’s ultimate goal is to eradicate poverty and improve sustainable livelihood through the application of integrated and innovative approaches in training, service delivery and researches.
CEDSI’s vision is to become the foremost and vibrant development organization successful in building capacity and improving the quality of life of the rural dwellers so that they can become productive partners in development. (about 1/2 /mission, vision).

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About 2/2 /Objectives: … In order to actualise its vision and mission, CEDSI have some laid down objectives which are:   

  • 1. To development principles and practices of good government for the achievement of poverty reduction and the realisation of the rights of the rural dwellers.
  • 2. To provide economic opportunity and independence for our target population through our grant management scheme
  • 3. To reduce ignorance to the barest minimum by increasing access to basic functional education especially for girls and other vulnerable children.
  • 4. To promote women’s health and reproductive rights and providing reproductive health education.
  • 5. To create and promote the acceptance of good governance through training on leadership, education and development.
  • 6. To promote full participation of rural folks (especially women) in social and economic activities in the Niger Delta Communities.
  • 7. To improve access to information technology of rural dwellers.
  • 8.  To network with relevant local, national and international groups.
  • 9.  To promote research and documentation on our target populations.
  • 10.To foster development in the area of food production and community development.
  • 11.To enhance communication and information sharing through a one-step resource center to meet the needs of level development organization

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