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Welcome to Digital Opportunity, the ‘all about ICT for Development’ channel, brought to you by OneWorld South Asia that informs on digital inclusion, showcases best practices in the sector and provides space for sharing and collaboration amongst ICT for D practitioners. (Homepage).

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About DO Channel /Our Mission: The mission of the Digital Opportunity Channel is to educate and inform a global audience on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a tool for promoting digital opportunity for all, leading to sustainable development and a better quality of life.  

ICTs can be powerful instruments of social change – helping developing economies and communities everywhere, especially to leapfrog development obstacles.

Digital Opportunity Channel seeks to be the online forum that will best inform governments, businesses and civil society stakeholders about this process.

Our Commitment:

  • On its global portal, Digital Opportunity Channel is committed to highlighting the current trends in ICT for development, debating issues such as the digital divide and the efforts to tackle it, showcasing best practices, and providing shared spaces for interested practitioners to network with one another, collaborate on common projects and campaign for common goals.
  • Digital Opportunity Channel envisions itself working pro-actively and in close collaboration with international organisations, NGOs, governments, businesses and others in the movement of utilising the full potential of ICT for promoting sustainable development and safeguarding human rights.


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