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Mobilizing the community to adopt new environmental patterns of life.
Increasing environmental   awareness among students and youth in different areas.
Preparing and implementing programs and projects that aim at sustainable development .
Developing partnerships with different associations, organizations and institutions that are concerned with the environment and sustainable development, locally, nationally, regionally and internationally … (full text Objectives).

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About: Our Vision: Together for Sustainable Development … and Better Environment.  

Our Mission:

  • Arab Office for Youth and Environment (AOYE) seeks to be one of the best NGOs working in the field of Environment and Sustainable Developmental on the National, Arab and International levels through comprehensive environmental action plan that has economical sustainable approach; That offer an integrated services and activities towards the environment protection and conservation, capable to provide full enabling to its beneficiaries.

Background and Achievements:
1) Participated in establishing various environmental networks on the national level:

  • Since its inception in 1978, the AOYE has participated in establishing various environmental networks on the national level and has participated in the Egyptian Environmental NGO Steering Committee and represented the National Steering Committee for NGOs at the Population and Development conference. The AOYE has a wide network of other effective contacts with the international Arab scientific organizations, and United Nations Organizations concerned with environment, educational and development issues, international unions and information centers.

2) Participated in various international seminars and meetings:

  • The AOYE has participated in various international seminars and meetings in the United States of America, Germany, France, Holland, Australia, Canada, India, China, Ghana, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Kuwait, Jamaica, Greece, Lebanon, Jordan, Spain, and the United Kingdom

Other Achivements: … (full text).

Link: Arab Network for Environment & Development RAED Projects.

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