Development Alternatives Group

A non-profit organisation established in 1983 creating large scale sustainable livelihoods

Development Alternatives works with partners in all sectors: government, international agencies, public and private sector institutions and grass root voluntary organisations. The responsibility for providing support to such partnerships lies with the respective functional units of the Development Alternatives Group … (full text Services offered).

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About /Mission: The mission of the Development Alternatives Group is to promote sustainable national development.  

The corporate objectives are to innovate and disseminate the means for creating sustainable livelihoods on a large scale, and thus to mobilise widespread action to eradicate poverty and regenerate the environment.

The corporate strategy is to:

  • -Innovation, through design, development and dissemination of Appropriate technologies, Effective institutional systems, Environmental and resource management methods;
  • -Sustainability, through commercially viable approaches;
  • -Scalability, through partner organizations and networks.

The activities of Development Alternatives cover a broad array of development issues. And these issues are complex, requiring sophisticated, trans-disciplinary responses.

To be able to provide such responses successfully, the Group has built up a strong capacity to identify the priority issues confronting the nation and devise effective ways to solve them. It has therefore brought together a cadre of professional staff members with a wide range of skills and backgrounds but a common, solid commitment to excellence and team work.

To attract and retain staff of this quality, Development Alternatives has a three pronged approach: an outstanding work environment, exciting career development programmes, and attractive terms of employment.

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