Caritas Internationalis

Linked with Development and Peace.

  • Caritas has many faces. Community centre and international relief agency. Home for the elderly and school for the former child soldier. HIV care provider and human rights campaigner.
  • Caritas is all these things and much more. Caritas provides assistance to the poor, the vulnerable and the excluded on behalf of a billion of Catholics around the world. Caritas works on humanitarian emergencies, on human development, and on campaigning against poverty, exclusion, intolerance and discrimination.
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Addresses (1 of 3): Caritas Internationalis, Headquarter, Palazzo San Calisto, Vatican City State, V-00120;

About: Our members believe they can achieve more in emergencies, sustainable development and peace by working collectively as part of an international Caritas network.  

Caritas Internationalis:

  • Poverty and injustice have many causes. The 162 Caritas national members believe they can do more to combat them by combining their resources.
  • National members come under the umbrella of Caritas Internationalis, with its headquarters in the Vatican City, and representatives at the United Nations in New York and Geneva, Rome, and Paris.

Maximum Impact:

  • Caritas Internationalis channels the resources of its members:
  • Whether it’s providing food, shelter, water or medicine, we ensure rapid response, professionalism and coordination in emergency programming and disaster preparedness,
  • Whether it’s tackling the HIV pandemic or the consequences of climate change, we share knowledge to help the most marginalised become protagonists of their own development,
  • Whether it’s training communities in peace building or bringing divided peoples together, we seek to end conflict non-violently, promoting one humanity through inter-faith dialogue
  • Whether it’s speaking out on economic injustice or migration, we empower poor people and communities to challenge unjust international policies, practises and attitudes.

Caritas in numbers:

  • There are Caritas organisations in164 countries, but we work in many more places, always without regard to race or religion;
  • Caritas members directly help 24 million people a year in 200 countries and territories;
  • Caritas members employ 440,000 paid staff and 625,000 volunteers;
  • Caritas organisations have a combined estimated worth of  US $5.5 billion.

Read Pope John Paul II Grants Canonical Legal Status to Caritas Internationalis.

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