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  • Globe Award is a world covering award which recognises and encourages societies, the corporate sector, individuals and academia that have excelled in the area of sustainability.
  • Globe Award aims to foster sustainable development in society.
  • It is necessary to support research and innovation as well as motivate large corporations and cities in order to get the needed changes that will take us towards a sustainable future.
  • Globe Award’s role is to inspire actors to do more and to take responsibility through awarding best case practices within research, innovations, large corporations and cities.
  • More information about Globe Award can be downloaded here … (about 1/2).

Globe Forum Gdansk, 28th-29th October 2009.

Laureates 2009; Nominees; National Editions; Jury; Online Community;
History; what we do; Blog; Research; Gallery; Partners: Gdansk, Stockholm;
Address: Globe Award, Sturegatan 4, SE-114 35 Stockholm, Sweden;

About 2/2: … GLOBE FORUM – Globe Award is an initiative by Globe Forum.  

Globe Forum is the marketplace for innovators, entrepreneurs and investors, where we help sustainable innovations become reality.

To highlight companies, institutions and individuals that have excelled in the given area has proven to be food for an important debate and also have given a positive incentive for more to join the area of sustainability and responsibility.

When started in 2007, Globe Award was a Swedish CSR Award. After two years of success in Sweden, Globe Forum decided to go further with Globe Award. Wanting to foster change towards sustainable development in all societies, it made sense in making the Globe Award a truly global prize focusing on sustainability, instead of CSR, starting from 2009.

The Globe Award is given to people and organisations presently working with sustainability issues, with the incentive of inspiring more to join the area of sustainability and responsibility.

To learn more, go to Globe Forum.

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