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Welcome to the CCN Home Page! CCN is a national non-profit advocacy group working to secure the sustainable future of the United States. Here you’ll find articles by some of the best contemporary thinkers in the fields of population stabilization, national revitalization, economic sustainabilty and resource conservation. Use our site to lobby your leaders in Congress, or join a live conversation in our chat room. Get the facts about the detrimental effects of mass-immigration, and why we need an immigration moratorium now more than ever. And don’t forget to sign on to our National Alert subscription email service, an indispensable resource for Americans who care enough to act … (full text Homepage).

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Postal Address: CCN, P.O. Box 18221, Washington, D.C. 2003, USA;
Contact: phone 202-296-4548, fax 202-296-4609, e-mail.

About /what is CCN: Carrying Capacity Network confronts the controversial issues, makes the difficult choices, and adopts the innovative approaches necessary to meet the challenges facing our nation. CCN’s action-oriented initiatives focus on achieving national revitalization, population stabilization, immigration reduction, economic sustainability, and resource conservation. 

A commitment to action to solve our nation’s problems: Through CCN, action-oriented initatives combine the realistic perspectives, targeted solutions, sound information, and effective advocacy tools that get results by coordinating actions to solve key national problems.

A stronger voice in shaping national policy: Working together through Network, individual activists, grassroots groups, and national organizations increase effectiveness by integrating their diverse issues within CCN’s unifying carrying capacity initiatives.

Information and analysis: CCN publications provide the focus, facts, and analysis essential to defining realistic solutions and effectively working to implement them on the national, state, and local levels. With our e-mail, and fax Action Alert system, CCN offers its members the information and tools necessary to facilitate effective action.

Network policy goals:

  • National Revitalization attained through fostering education, family, community self-reliance, tradition, and national unity.
  • Population Stabilization as soon as possible, provides the foundation for solving all other problems.
  • Immigration Reduction achieved through an immediate moratorium and eventual all-inclusive cap of 100,000 per year is the key to stopping U.S. population growth.
  • Sustainable Economic Activity is based on achieving a stable population, balanced budgets, employment stability, and conservation of resources.
  • Resource Conservation including land, energy, and water, provides the basis for a healthy environment and sustainable economy.

CCN is a group of activists working to promote and conserve what’s right with America and to eliminate what’s wrong with America. Most of America’s main problems – from traffic, to classroom crowding, to pollution, depletion, welfare dependency, increasing taxes, and cultural fragmentation, have deep roots in our unsustainable population growth. Because of that, CCN focuses on stabilizing our population. We are even willing to face the awkward demographic fact that immigration is the cause of most of our recent growth (at current rates, immigration will cause about 80% of our growth as we double in an estimated 50 years or so).

CCN simply wants to conserve the best of America – before it’s developed, overrun, consumed, and polluted by runaway population growth. It’s not too late, and we hope that you will join us in this effort … (full text).

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