Americas Policy Program

a new world of citizen action, analysis and policy options

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  • Trade and Economic Integration,
  • Biodiversity and Sustainable Development,
  • Immigration,
  • Right to Know and Communications Rights,
  • U.S.-Latin America Relations. (About /main issues).

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Addresses (1 to 2): Americas Policy Program, Center for International Policy, 1717 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016, USA;

About /who we are: This website is maintained by the Americas Policy Program.  

The Americas Policy Program was started as an initiative of the International Relations Center, founded in 1979 as a small but dynamic nonprofit policy studies center whose overarching goal was to help forge a new global affairs agenda for the U.S. government and people—one that would make the United States a more responsible global leader and partner.

Although the IRC no longer exists, we carry on this work in much the same way—producing policy reports, issue briefs, political commentary, and popular education materials offering essential information and credible, forward-looking policy analysis. Through these materials, we seek to educate policymakers, influence public debates regarding the U.S. role in global affairs, change public opinion, inform activists, and foster strategic dialogue among progressives across the globe on key issues like economic globalization, sustainable development, and peace and security. In 2007 we transitioned to become a fiscally sponsored program of the Center for International Policy based in Washington, DC.

The Americas Policy Program’s mission is to advance “a new world of citizen action, analysis, and policy options.” We promote informed critiques and new policy frameworks to address pressing environmental, security, economic, and social problems that undermine human development and cooperative international relations in the Western Hemisphere … (full text).

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