a movement to encourage schools and universities to use economics textbooks that engage honestly with the real world

Toxic textbooks helped cause the economic meltdown: The current economic meltdown is not the result of natural causes or human conspiracy, but because society at all levels became infected with false beliefs regarding the nature of economic reality. And the primary sources of this infection are the “neoclassical” or “mainstream” textbooks long used in introductory economics courses in universities throughout the world … (english Homepage 1/2 and links).

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english Homepage 2/2 and links /Mass miseducation:   

Every year these “mainstream” books serve to indoctrinate millions of students in a quaint ideology (perfect rationality of economic agents, market efficiency, the invisible hand, etc.) cunningly disguised as science.  This mass miseducation deprives society of the moral and intellectual capacities it needs in order to design and maintain the support systems required by market economies.

We need new, non-toxic textbooks:

  • More economic catastrophes will befall us and our children if we do not replace these toxic textbooks with non-toxic ones immediately.  If decency and good sense prevail in academia, then affecting this reform will not be a problem.  But textbook reform will damage many economic faculties and toxic textbook authors. The former will suffer losses to their reputations, the latter to their royalties, which in some cases run to millions of dollars.

Together, we can overcome these vested interest:

  • Society can therefore expect well-placed and richly-funded strategic resistance to doing the right and necessary thing.  This website and the associated Facebook group exist to help citizens, especially students, mobilize and organize themselves to overcome these vested interests.

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