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green globe shows your organisation is serious about the environmental, social and economic performance of your organisation

  • EC3 Global’s vision is to become the market leader in providing organisations with advice, research and products which protect and enhance the economic, environmental and social integrity of their businesses and communities.
  • EC3 Global is dedicated to assisting businesses, governments and communities achieve a commitment to sustainability and responsible triple bottom line reporting. (Vision).

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About /Who is EC3). EC3 Global is an internationally recognised environmental advisory group which can provide your organisation with a pathway and comprehensive range of products and services to set, manage and achieve your sustainability targets. EC3 Global provides a wide range of pathways to sustainability including: … (full text who is EC3).  

What can we do:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is critical to modern business practice. EC3 Global can assist you to develop appropriate plans and strategies to meet your CSR obligations.
  • EC3 Global provides the means to implement practical, environmentally sustainable programmes by utilising the comprehensive scientific resources at our fingertips.
  • EC3 Global’s Advice House provides the management tools, processes and expertise necessary to effectively monitor and support your company’s sustainability objectives.
  • Benchmarking your performance against world’s best practice and adopting continuous improvement can improve your market share, reduce your costs and enhance your corporate reputation with the community, investors and clients.

What does this mean for you?

  • We provide a pathway for you to set and achieve sustainability objectives with a triple-bottom-line focus and implement programmes to achieve these objectives. Our programmes are supported by our systems and technology team who deliver off-the-shelf and tailored benchmarking tools, certification systems and applications in the form of web-based applications.

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