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Third Way is the leading think tank of the moderate wing of the progressive movement. We work with elected officials, candidates, and advocates to develop and advance the next generation of moderate policy ideas. Since our launch in 2005, our policy and communications products as well as our issue trainings have been used extensively in the House and Senate, by governors and by candidates ranging from Barack Obama to those running for Congress … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2 /Programs: … The Economic Program: Third Way is designing a new economic agenda and narrative for the 21st century.

Highlights include: conducting extensive analysis of the state of the American middle class and developing a new policy framework for addressing the challenges facing modern middle-class families; offering an agenda for Congress that would help stimulate the economy and rebuild the path to middle-class economic success and helping with the origin and launch of the House Middle Class Working Group and the White House Middle Class Working Task Force to champion those ideas; taking a deep look at the state of the trade debate and issuing a major paper analyzing the causes of declining progressive support for trade and global economic engagement and offering insights into how it can be restored; analyzing the health care crisis through the lens of the middle class and offering proposals for reform that would benefit and resonate with the middle class; and issuing a major study of the decline in public trust in government and the implications for progressive governance which offers the Obama administration and Congress a strategy to restore public trust.

The National Security Program: Third Way is helping to build a credible, tough and smart progressive national security agenda. Highlights include: joining with another group on a year-long study for the incoming Obama administration on handling the threat of terrorism; issuing a major report and hosting dozens of congressional briefings to raise the alarm about the dangerous strain on the US Army that is the result of the war in Iraq and helping to spur a successful effort in Congress to increase the size of the Army; issuing a major new strategy on combating terrorism with Senate Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin and others; conducting extensive public opinion research and devising framing guidance for Senate and House members and candidates to establish a new brand on national security and to counter conservative attacks; and conducting a series of trainings for dozens of House Members, candidates and staff on national security issues.

The Culture Program: Third Way is developing new progressive approaches to the toughest cultural issues. Highlights include: pioneering a new approach on abortion that is embodied in legislation sponsored by both pro-choice and pro-life House members; drafting a bill to shore up the gun purchase background check system that was signed into law after the murders at Virginia Tech; contributing significantly to the planks of the Democratic platform on guns and abortion and helping to define the approach used by the Obama campaign on many cultural issues; releasing a set of common ground policy ideas with a group of centrist Evangelical leaders on issues like religion in the public square, abortion and gay equality; conducting original research on immigration that has formed the core of the progressive approach; and releasing (with a group of four governors) a study on crime highlighting four dangerous societal trends that could cause a major spike in crime and offering more than 100 specific policy solution recommendations for use by state and federal lawmakers.

The Third Way Clean Energy Initiative: Third Way has undertaken a major initiative on clean energy designed to help choose policy, sequence legislation and frame the issues as leaders in Washington and the various state capitals grapple with shifting the United States toward a clean energy future. Highlights include: hosting major national energy forums with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, governors, business leaders and others; conducting a major national poll and extensive qualitative research on the politics of clean energy; serving as one of the sole progressive groups championing the role of nuclear power in America’s clean energy future; and releasing a series of papers analyzing the policy implications of a shift to a clean energy future.

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