USAction builds power by uniting people locally and nationally, on-the-ground and online, to win a more just and progressive America.  We create the nation’s leading progressive coalitions, making democracy work by organizing issue and election campaigns to improve people’s lives … (about 1/2).

Issue campaigns; Take action; Affiliates; Education fundMedia; Support;
Address: USAction, 1825 K St. NW, Suite 210, Washington, DC 20006, USA;

About 2/2: … USAction’s Priorities: USAction promotes Investment in America’s Future.  That means: 

  • a guarantee of quality, affordable health coverage, with good benefits and equitable access to health services, for everyone in our nation
  • a reversal of the Bush administration’s upside-down economic priorities, which have included drastic budget cuts for critical human-needs services and irresponsible tax breaks for millionaires and corporate interests
  • an end to the war in Iraq, no war with Iran, and the establishment of a progressive national-security worldview
  • new commitments to strengthen public education and promote safe, clean energy to end our dependence on oil.


TrueMajorityAction, a project of USAction, organizes activists online to support Investment in America’s Future:

No more Lehman Brothers;

Tell your Senators and Representative to get on board now and make Wall Street toe the line;

Tell the Senate: reform won’t wait for crazy people;

Don’t let insurance companies dictate reform.

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