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What the TOR didn’t tell me:    

  • Did you ever get to a job and discover you had been completely mislead?
  • The TOR were so out of date.There was no match with what stakeholders actually expected or wanted you to do.
  • The project design and funding would not allow you to complete your tasks.
  • The government or donor was totally opposed to your mission.

We don’t suppose it ever happens. Or does it?

  • Tell us.
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Civil Service Reform:

  • Reforming the civil service of a developing country is a popular aim for donors. In Afghanistan, for example, all the major players have their own projects attempting this, large and small, in a regrettably unco-ordinated way. The arguments are that civil services are over-staffed, not client-focused and not delivering the public services desperately needed, nor collecting the data needed for effective policy-making.
  • One such civil service reform project in an Asian country focused on changing the mindset of the top grades of civil servants, hoping to create a critical mass of reform-minded civil servants.

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