Cambodian Center for Human Rights CCHR

The CCHR is a non-political, independent, non-governmental organization which works to promote and protect democracy and respect for human rights throughout Cambodia. We focus primarily on civil and political rights, although we work on a variety of interlinked human rights issues.
Members of staff are grouped into four specialist Units that reflect the scope of our work: … (full text about /what we do).

  • All pages have the same URL. Click on the internal links, as: english or cambodian Homepage, about, units, programs, media and publications, events, support us, about/contact.
  • Address and map: Cambodian Center for Human Rights CCHR, #798, St.99, Boeng Trabek, Khan Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • about/Contact: Tel +855 (0)23 72 69 01, Fax 023 726 902, E-mail.

About /Why We DO It: We believe that every Cambodian has the right to participate in democracy and to have their fundamental human rights respected. We work to give Cambodians a voice. 
The CCHR’s logo shows a white bird flying out of a circle of sky blue – this symbolizes Cambodia’s claim for freedom.

The following approaches underlie our work:

  • Dialogue and engagement: Human Rights NGOs in Cambodia sometimes operate on a short-term case-by-case basis only, being reactive to human rights abuses rather than proactive in pushing for dialogue and broader policy and legislative changes. We want to engage in non-aggressive dialogue with all stakeholders including the government to bring about change.
  • Collaboration: We aim to encourage civil society to take a more sophisticated and collaborative approach. We want to see collaboration rather than duplication, specialization instead of non-strategic cover-all work, comprehensive recording and analysis of rights data rather than uncoordinated and incomplete documentation, and more innovative dissemination of information. We want to change the approach of civil society in order to provide a solid foundation on which to base collaborative advocacy and bring about change.
  • Community engagement: … (full text our approach).

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