making an impact one project at a time

  • You consider yourself a socially-conscious individual. You read the news every day, give to charity on occasion, and even volunteer now and then. But you can’t help thinking that something’s missing— the feeling that you are an agent of change.
  • That’s where 1Well comes in.
  • 1Well lets you lead a small but critical project and connects your community with a community in need. By completing a 1Well project— like a well or childcare center— you help fulfill a community’s basic needs. At the same time, you free up people’s time and energy for productive activities, like finding a job or starting a business. Plus, you get to rally your community around a common cause.
  • Now that’s something “click to donate” won’t give you … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: … Our Projects: A 1Well project in Vachharajpur, India provided clean drinking water for more than 550 people. Women have started a flour mill, grocery store, and other small businesses because they no longer walk five hours a day to collect potable water. 

Another 1Well project in Sedla, India provided irrigation water for more than 100 farming families, improving the quality and quantity of their crops, reducing their costs by 75 percent and providing jobs for those who would otherwise migrate in search of work.

This work is possible because average citizens like you are given the opportunity to choose a project and build a relationship directly with the community in need. They know who they are helping, where their money is going and the impact they’re making. 100% of donations go directly to complete your project, and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way. This is the experience 1Well provides.

1Well’s areas of focus are Water & Sanitation (wells, rainwater harvesting, toilets), Education (childcare centers, girl’s reading programs), Food Security (sustainable irrigation, soil recovery), and Clean Energy for the Poor (solar lanterns, bio-gas plants).

Please visit Projects in Progress to see some of the projects underway and Available Projects to start your journey as a Citizen Philanthropist.

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