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RCEF is dedicated to promoting education that enriches children’s lives and strengthens communities in rural China. We bring together rural teachers, community members, education experts, and volunteers from inside and outside of China to pioneer new models of education based on the needs of rural China. (About).

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Bookmaking Class Reflection (on the RCEF blog): Developing and teaching a bookmaking class at Guan Ai School this past summer was an incredibly rewarding experience for me. I love teaching and took advantage of the summer vacation to develop a ten day activity class at the school. Though I developed the curriculum, most important to the class was my partnership with two local Guan Ai teachers: Ms. Xie and Principal Sun. 

I have learned through previous work in America and China that education is a truly collaborative experience. It is really a game of constant adjustment as you and your partners try to find how to apply an idea on paper to the reality of twenty young minds sitting before you in a classroom. Because of this you are only as good as the people you work with, and I was fortunate to work with two talented teachers who were eager to give suggestions and to share their expertise. This is especially important to me since I am a foreigner  in China who is using my ideas to teach a class abroad. I find that when working with Chinese teachers and students, it is always so interesting (and sometimes a bit frustrating) to discover the new ways of thinking that they share … (More).

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