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Dear guest, Fools cannot lie. Welcome in the world of the Court Fool. Let him surprise you with facts, proofs and his unconventional views. In the articles marked with a key, you will discover new perspectives to understand our mad, mad world. Not everybody knows how the dollar acts like a leech sucking the world. Not everybody knows how Bush went dressed in a cloack of lies. Not everybody understands why the press lies about such matters or keeps its mouth shut. There are also many other things, that determine the fate of the world, although nearly nobody speaks about them. And thus, for the Court Fool, there are many things remaining to talk about. Your suggestions, reactions and ideas will be appreciated. Would you like to help with factual research, or translations of articles? Or do you write articles, that add something fundamental to the understanding of this world? Tell me. There is no money, but there is enough to do. P.S.: If you don’t want to miss my next research article, just click on one or more of these links … (full text Homepage resp. links for Newsletters in above languages).

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About: In the Middle Ages the court fool played an important role. He amused kings, ministers and households with his antics, jokes and sharp remarks. 

Most of the times he was well informed about all discussed items. Due to his role as a fool he could allow himself to speak out truths, that others did not see or did not dare to mention. And not unfrequently his words touched the hearth of the matters. His say often gave a new orientation to discussions.

The court fool of this site tells you facts, and opens new perspectives on the world. Your curiosity will be rewarded. Hear what this fool has to tell. It is not always for laughing, but you will surely get a lot wiser.

If you like, do not hesitate to send a reaction. I will answer you personally. Your court fool, Rudo de Ruijter, Independent researcher, Netherlands.


A propos en français: Au Moyen Age le fou du roi jouait un role important. Il amusait des rois, ministres et les cours avec ses sornettes, blagues et ses remarques à l’emporte-pièce. Le plus souvent il était bien informé sur tous ce qui se discutait. En raison de son rôle comme fou, il pouvait se permettre de dire des vérités, que d’autres gens ne voyaient pas, ou n’osaient mentionner. Et ce n’était pas rare, que ses mots touchaient le fond des problèmes. Par son apport les discussions pouvaient prendre de nouvelles orientations.

Le fou du roi de ce site vous raconte des faits, qui donnent une autre vue sur le monde. Votre curiosité sera récompensée. Ecoutez ce que ce fou a à vous raconter. Ce n’est pas toujours à rire, mais vous y apprenez beaucoup.

Si vous avez envie de réagir, n’hésitez pas. Je vous répondrai personnellement. Votre fou du Roi, Rudo de Ruijter, Chercheur indépendant, Pays-Bas.

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