Public Interest Lobby India

This NGO shows no own website, but is named:

on NGOs INDIA: Aim/Objective/Mission: PIL India is a non political secular social movement aiming to stimulate civic awareness leading to fuller realisation of the fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution of India and lobby for all matters relating to public interest in a peaceful and legal manner with the following objectives: 1) inform public about issues of public interest through media, 2) to create enlightened public opinion, 3) to initiate a learning process by way of group discussions, talks, seminars, 4) to award scholarships, hold essay competitions, conventions, 5) to establish a network with other NGOs, 6) to establish branches of the organisation, 7) to strive for accountability and transparency in all public organisations and 8) to act as a catalyst in activating the judiciary of the country.

on Click India: Contact : Abdul Salam, Phone : 91-020-2677666 , 020-2842323, Address: 5, Archana Corner Sayadri Park Kondhwa, Pune, 411048 Maharashtra, India.

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