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Sense International helps deafblind people in the developing world to communicate, connect, interact and flourish. (Homepage).

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Addresses: (1 of 5): Sense International UK, Headoffice, 101 Pentonville Road, London N1 9LG, United Kingdom;

Who we are; Sense International works in the developing world to help people who are both deaf and blind to live full and active lives.
We provide educational, vocational and training services, and help local organisations and governments to meet the needs of deafblind people.  

Sense International is an independent charity, with 57 staff worldwide. We set up our first programme in India a decade ago and now provide support to more than 30,000 deafblind people in ten countries: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, India, Kenya, Peru, Romania, Tanzania and Uganda.

In addition, we campaign with governments and the public to uphold the rights of the hundreds of thousands of people who face challenges because of deafblindness.

Vision and mission:

  • Sense International envisions a world where all deafblind children and adults can be full and active members of society.
  • Our purpose is to work in partnership with others – deafblind people, their families, carers and professionals – to ensure that everyone facing challenges because of deafblindness has the advice, opportunities and support they need.

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