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The Child Migration Research network (CMRN) has been established to help assess the impact of migration on children and youth.  The aim of the CMRN is to bring together researchers who look at how migration affects children and to highlight research work, especially that in grey literature or other hard to reach sources, that focuses on this area.
Estimating the numbers of children affected by migration worldwide is beset by problems, but the high rates of adult migration suggest that enormous numbers of children and youth are affected, either as migrants themselves (with families or alone) or by members of their families migrating.  For more on numbers see some of our data sources.  If you would like to join the researchers network, contribute a resource, comment on the website or sign up for email updates please use the links in the left hand column. (Homepage).


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About: The Child Migration Research Network has grown out of work carried out by researchers at the Development Research Centre on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty (  

The Migration DRC is devoted to promoting policies to maximise the benefits and minimise the risks of migration for poor people. Its research on young people focused on the independent migration of children and youth (read more) and began to bring together researchers and practitioners working with children affected by migration. Although there is some research that looks at children in the developed world who are first, second or even third generation migrants and how migration affects their education, health, cultural life and myriad other aspects, the focus of the CMRN is mainly on children and young people in developing countries or those subject to the immigration policies of developed countries.

The CMRN is run by the Development Research Centre on Migration Globalisation and Poverty at the University of Sussex, which is funded by DFID.  CMRN was set up thanks to funding from the Rockefeller Foundation.

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