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Address: IRG, 38 rue Saint-Sabin, 75011 PARIS, FRANCE;

Presentation: The Institute for research and debate on governance is a « think tank » based in Paris, with an office in Bogota. Born of an FPH initiative, its mission is to facilitate debate on governance by delivering expertise, setting up training modules, organising seminars and gathering and disseminating documentation (website and publications). The IRG uses methods that are:  

  • cross-disciplinary, cross-fertilising of contributions from specialists in political science, anthropology, economy, law, etc.;
  • multi-actor, through connecting the realms of academia, national administration, civil society organisations, traditional and religious authorities;
  • international and intercultural, through connecting networks of researchers and practitioners from the five continents, the IRG brings out the diversity of cultural responses to issues of governance;

In 2008-2009 IRG’s activities will revolve around five programs:

  • Three of these programs address major governance issues and the way they are analysed:
  • legitimacy and the deep-rootedness of power; -co-production of public goods and multi-actor partnerships;
  • institutional engineering and public action reform;

Two programs are concerned with the vectors of change in the field of governance:

  • public affairs training;
  • Analysis and evaluation of governance.

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