International Aid Transparency Initiative IATI

  • The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) is a new initiative which aims to make information about aid spending easier to access, use and understand.
  • This will help those involved in aid programmes to better track what aid is being used for and what it is achieving – from the taxpayers in donor countries who provide the money, to those in developing countries who benefit from aid spending.
  • Improving transparency also helps governments in developing countries to manage aid more effectively, so that each dollar goes as far as possible in fighting poverty … (full text Homepage).

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Address: Aid Effectiveness Team, Department for International Development, 1 Palace Street, London SW1E 5HE, England;

About: IATI is a new, multi-stakeholder initiative which aims to increase the availability and accessibility of information about aid. This will help to ensure that aid is used in the most effective ways in fighting poverty. 

Launched at the Accra High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in September 2008, IATI now has 16 donor signatories and a growing number of endorsements from developing countries.

IATI is still at an early stage. Detailed scoping and consultation work is on-going to ensure that the initiative meets the needs of key stakeholders and that the agreements reached are realistic for donors to deliver.

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What does IATI aim to achieve?

IATI aims to make aid more effective in fighting poverty through improving transparency over aid flows. It does this by bringing together donors, developing countries, civil society organisations (CSOs) and aid information experts to agree ways of sharing more and better information about aid.

Donors that have signed up to IATI have agreed to share more detailed and up-to-date information about aid in a form that people can easily understand. They will do this by agreeing common standards for sharing information.

This will help those donors and partner countries that have signed up to new transparency commitments in the Accra Agenda for Action, 7 pdf-pages, to meet those commitments in the most effective and co-ordinated way.

IATI will not create a new database. It will not replace the work already being done by organisations such as the OECD-Development Assistance Committee (DAC) to produce statistics about past aid flows and aid activities DCD-DAC. Instead, it will build on, and go beyond, the standards and definitions that have already been agreed.

IATI aims to add value by agreeing standards for sharing information so that it will be useful to all stakeholders, particularly those in developing countries. It will also make that information simpler and easier to understand, to compare, and to use.

Recent research shows that developing countries and their citizens still face huge challenges in accessing information about aid flows and activities. IATI aims to address these challenges … (full text).

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