Shishu-Adhar – for the Child

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Purpose: Child welfare, Rehabilitation
Aim/Objective/Mission: SAC promotes adoption of abandoned children in Indian families; undertakes action and programmes for children in need.

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Contact : Bharati Ghate
Address : Flat No. 27,28 Building 13 Anand Nagar Park, Paud Road, Pune,  411029 Maharashtra, India
Phone : 91-020-25434388

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The Program of Child Care Assistance, commonly known as the Bal-Sangopan Yojana offers financial assistance for care and maintenance of a child within the family. The assistance is offered to widowed, deserted or single mothers for care of their children or to the foster parents for care of orphaned children. The program helps families below the poverty line and prevents abandonment and institutionalization of children. Shishuadhar implements this program in Pune, Solapur, Latur, Osmanabad and Nasik districts and helps about 350 children spread over these districts. The organization has to raise approximately Rs. 1,00,000/- per year so that children could be cared for, in their own families.
Educational Sponsorship Program was started in 1993 and so far Shishuadhar has offered sponsorship to 175 children. Under this program, financial assistance is given primarily to meet educational needs of the children. Assistance for medical and nutritional needs is also given as per the requirement. Counseling, follow up, personality development camps and family life education sessions are integral parts of the program. Rs. 2,400/- per child per year are required for all these activities. No Government grants are available for this program and the organization has to rely totally on the support from the community. Presently 40 children are being sponsored by Sanvedana.


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