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WANGO shows to have a recognished appartenance to the MOON group. Read more about on

Added February 10, 2007:


Frederick Swarts from WANGO writes us on February 10, 2007, as an answer to this post, as follows:

Even a precursory reading of this piece can tell that it is full of deceptions and poor logic, written simply as a hit piece, designed not to inform but to cause ill feelings toward its intended target. The authors clearly have an agenda, and in service of that agenda they employ a deceptive, untenable strategy, present misleading and inaccurate information, and ignore information that runs counter to that agenda.

This is a “hit piece,” which is clearly designed to deceive its readership. While the length of the article and its considerable number of footnotes may create the impression of a well-researched article, the research is actually quite shoddy, largely drawn from Internet sources, newspaper articles, “anti-cult” literature, and old, sometimes discredited sources. “Alleged” actions are presented as if factual and positive activities by the intended target are generally disregarded. And key individuals targeted in the article for derision are never interviewed. For example, the authors make frequent reference to Taj Hamad, and yet they never once interview him.

As you know, WANGO was formed by NGOs, but Rev. Moon has provided us substantial funding. He has asked for nothing in return, and WANGO has been able to remain independent. But for the authors of this hit piece, the desire is not to inform but to try to harm. I have cataloged over 40 cases of deception, poor logic, and unethical scholarship in this article just from my precursory reading.

The article is particularly weak in that it lacks credible, first-hand evidences. References are made to obscure, unnamed sources. For instance, the authors state that the weekly Tiempos del Mundo does not have a significant readership “according to a Latin American source.” The footnote gives the impression of authenticity, yet it merely references “GPF email interview with an NGO leader based on the continent.” It neither names the individual, the NGO, nor the country!

Quite telling is the basic strategy of the authors, which is to create a fictitious straw man, “the Moon organization” and draw conclusions regarding that non-existent entity as if it meant anything at all. For example, it states the Moon organization is not a non-governmental organization and is primarily a for-profit corporation, which is patently nonsense. There is no such organization, so how can it be non-profit or for-profit? Individual organizations being lumped into this one “Moon organization” are clearly and legally non-profit and non-governmental. This term is also unfair in that it treats the actions of independent corporations as if they were one, thus using one organization’s “alleged” misdeeds to imply guilt of a completely unrelated organization. The avoidance of the term “ Unification Church ” even for describing strictly religious activities portrays a distorted view of “the Moon organization” as strictly concerned with politics and power. This strategy of the authors would never be tolerated is directed against a “Pope Organization” (lumping together all Catholic institutions) or a “Jew Organization” (lumping together all organizations run by descendents of Abraham).

Perhaps most telling, however, is the deceptiveness of the authors. Nowhere is any biographical information presented on the authors. There is not one single word on who they are or for whom they work for. They readily criticize the “Moon organization” as being deceptive and not transparent about having a connection to Rev. Moon, despite an extensive, readily obtainable track record to the contrary of the individual organizations they are targeting. Even with the authors’ poor research methods, the transparency of the targeted organizations should be obvious, since the authors use the organizations’ own websites for information on Rev. Moon and their programs.

Who are the authors? The best guess is that “Harold Paine,” the principal author, is “Harry Paine,” a member of the New Democratic Party (NDP) Socialist Caucus Federal Steering Committee, and, at least until recently, a member of the Freedom Socialist Party and Canada ’s Committee for Socialist Regroupment. In those positions, he has published numerous, recent articles in favor of Marxism, socialism, and “liberation of lesbians, gays, and the transgendered person,” as well as opposition to capitalism, multinational corporations, and the World Trade Organization. His Freedom Socialist Party is self-described as “a revolutionary, socialist feminist organization, dedicated to the replacement of capitalist rule.” It further states, “Revolutionary socialism is the logical road for sexual minorities who stand apart from the bourgeois nuclear family and who wish to end the long, bloody centuries of persecution and terror.” In one article, Harry Paine waxes nostalgic on his early history of peddling Marxist books door to door. Harry Paine’s confirmation as the principal author of this article on Rev. Moon and the United Nations is not settled since he has not returned phone calls or Email correspondence. However, his serving as the author makes sense in that the German organization WEED, which presents the article on its website as well, has links with NDP as well as GPF, and because of the terminology which Harold Paine employs in the article, attacking Rev. Moon for issues relating to labor unions, anti-communist activities, and gay rights.

The actual motivation for the article is not apparent, since GPF refuses to address the issue and the authors remain hidden in a cloak of secrecy. However, from the attacks on the “far-right,” the disdain of The Washington Times, the derogatory remarks made about conservative organizations active at the United Nations, and other such comments, it is clear the authors favor liberal policies and oppose conservative and traditional family policies. It seems that this may well be a case of an organization trying to use religious bigotry to try and nullify another organization’s legal right to pursue meaningful discourse with the international community on issues of importance to them.

In particular, the authors seem determined to use any means available — innuendo religious bigotry, biased comments — to create a division between the United Nations community and organizations lumped as part of this “Moon organization.” They claim “hostility” of the Moon organization for the United Nations, where any balanced examination of the track record would reveal a diametrically opposite conclusion.

We have contacted our lawyers to deal with this disgrace of an article, Meanwhile we would appreciate if your organization did not foster the agenda of Paine and Grazner and propagate their article.

Thank you, Rick S.

My answer on the same day:


Dear Mr. Swarts, dear Professor Pandita,

Good evening

Sorry to creating you trouble. My comments on the article and your answer:

1. Mr. Swarts, I put your comments under the link leading to the article you mention. Thus you received your right to put things like you see them.

2. I also was with WANGO in Budapest. The second day, when we were in the parliament, I became aware of the connection between WANGO and Moon and I told it to the members of our delegation. For me, the link between the two groups is obvious.

Look, strong groups with a tough leadership and a strict discipline like Moon are always controversially discussed, this is part of life. How much a group like WANGO is linked to another group like Moon is not only a question of law or financial dependency, it is first a question of a same spirit. And in Budapest it became obvious to me, that this spirit is the one of Moon.

For me this gives not a critic for WANGO, it raises questions about what is the real goal. The Goal behind.

Yes, I myself have questions about the goal of such tough groups like Moon, or like the communist party, or like Muslim or Christian or Jewish orthodox behaviours, or like groups with strong messianic beliefs, or like any sect.

Yes, we all want make a better world. I can live with sects and tough parties, as long as discussions about ones self and others are allowed. As long as we have the right to see us mutually belonging to our own understanding. And we have not to understand any belief given from others.

Do not be offended if you are not seen like you would like. This happens to almost all of us. We all would like to be seen better than what is seen. That also is life. For me, I am not aware that the text is so negative, the writer is just critic. He is worried. This has to be allowed. As we are living in a society where questions about any group can be discussed.

Just now the Muslims are afraid about the liberal, not very kind cartoons about Mohammed. Many groups agree with them, want forbid such cartoons. We become more and more aware of an existing controversy.

A controversy of behaviour between a liberal, secular, maybe a bit cynic world and a strong religious world with much discipline, seen as submission by those who not share this discipline.

I do not enter the discussion here, but in my eyes, discussions, questions, problems must receive the place to be considered. And blogs and webs are made for.

For me, change the world into a better one does not mean to avoid critics, even strong ones like this text. It means that we are open enough to discuss any matter frankly.

Hope you can live within this world as it is.

I wish you a nice day, Heidi Barathieu-Brun

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