Kashmir Institute International Relations KIIR

  • Preparing grounds for political, ethnic religious and different identity based groups to find the common grounds.
  • KIIR organized different seminars and workshops. International Center for Religion and Diplomacy (ICRD), a Washington DC based NGO, initiated a Faith-based Reconciliation project in 2003 in Kashmir. KIIR was ICRD’s partner organization from Azad Kashmir. The objective of the project was to draw upon various faith-based traditions to promote consensus with regards to peace building at the grass root level via: …
  • … (full text peace and reconciliations).

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Address: Kashmir Institute of International Relations, No. 11, 2nd Floor, Victory Tower Plaza, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan;

About /History: Kashmir Institute of International Relations is a Non-profit, Non-partisan, Non-governmental organization established in 1993. with the motto of ‘Peace through Dialogue’, KIIR is working for a peaceful South Asia, with special emphasis on Kashmir. 

The idea if KIIR was born after chairman’s interaction with the United States institute of peace and its activities towards the pursuit of its mission objectives. After attended the international seminar and subsequent Kashmir dialogue, organized by USIP in July 1992 and 1993 respectively. He was inspired to initiate like measures towards finding a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir conflict keeping in view the aspirations and wishes of the Kashmir people. Hence KIIR was launched on 24 July 1993

Sardar Amjad Yousaf, Executive Director met the Chairman in Geneva. They discussed the need to bring together politicians and civil society members from different political parties and view points in Azad-Kashmir on a single Non-governmental forum so that a sustained effort can be made towards resolving the Kashmir dispute. They also agreed on the need for efforts with regards to building negotiation skills of Kashmiri leaders and creating linkages with international organizations and think tanks that affect decision making in the international arena. Recognizing their shared vision for the way forward, He decided to join KIIR in 1996.

They became the torchbearers of a new- approach in Azad-Kashmir politics in which political party loyalties became secondary to working towards the resolution of the Kashmir issue. Thus, KIIR activities changed the dynamics of local politics in Azad-Kashmir and introduced ideas of peace amongst local political activists. This is the approach that makes KIIR work extremely challenging since it believes in involving civil society members in every part of the peace process. Sustainable peace must be generated from the people and only then it can be sustained.

‘Every long journey starts with a single step’ KIIR has helped the Kashmiri people to take the first step in the direction of attaining a peaceful and prosperous future.

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